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Founders and Portfolios

The Firm is led by one of its founders, Ronald F. Saverin. Mr Saverin has a diverse background in corporate acquisition, finance and strategic planning. Beginning in the 1970's as a Wall Street attorney and accountant, with post graduate from the Wharton School of Business, he has been CEO and financier of several companies. In 1987 he helped found the firm in Greenwich, Connecticut.

In Real Estate, the Realty team oversees a substantial real estate portfolio which at times encompasses 24 states, including shopping centers, multi family apartments, single tenant NNN leases and  storage  terminals.

In Food,  affiliates have owned the second largest Burger King Franchisee in a $132,000,000 initial acquisition from Diageo, the second largest Pizza Hut Franchisee in a $100,000,000 acquisition from Pepsi and the fifth largest Wendy's franchisee.

In C-Stores, the Firm working with ARCO and its AM/PM convenience chain, introduced C-stores to the UK in a joint venture with England's largest independent petroleum marketer.

In Energy, the Firm was an early entrant in Renewable Energy with investments in  Wind, Solar and BioMass. Investments in Fossil Fuels include Water Disposal logistics, Drilling Rigs, Storage Terminals, and Petroleum Distribution.

In Telecom, the Firm made early investments in Cell Towers.  Later, the firm entered retail cell phone distribution as a Licensee of T-Mobile.

In Healthcare the Firm is active in Medical and Veterinary Diagnostic Labs, and is working with a major strategic Life Science NYSE company.

In Maritime Ship repair, the Firm consolidating legacy ship repair yards in major ports that provide vessel certifications and repairs for Navy, Coast Guard and Commercial ocean going vessels.


Castle Hill's management teams include professionals with over 35 years expertise in investments and operating companies adding significant value and growth.

Each industry sector is led by experienced management teams with specific industry knowledge and experience.

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